The Nigerian music industry has evolved exponentially with a lot of Nigerian songs breaking the mainstream media and going viral. What did all of these songs have in common? Making it to the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria first! 

Now saying this may make it seem like an easy fit. Trust me, breaking the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart for even just an hour is no easy fit especially if you’re an independent artist who doesn’t have any record label backing or signed promotional deal. It’s a lot of hard work to be put in if you’re an independent musician aiming to break the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. 

Some artists have it the easy way, because of the name and brand positioning they’ve built for themselves, thereby creating loyal fans and “Stans” as they call it in this age. This is why an artist like WizKid will release a song today and will hit the number one spot on the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart in less than an hour. 

As an independent artist, you may not have this yet, but you need to have created your brand and positioned yourself in some way to get started. You need to have put some work into attracting an audience and creating a fanbase to help you reach your goal of breaking into the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. If you need help with achieving this, here’s an article on how to grow your fanbase as an independent musician

Now that you know the prerequisites to achieve this, let’s get into the 6-step framework that has helped a lot of independent musicians get their songs on the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. We’ll use Pheelz and Buju’s finesse as a case study in this case so you’ll understand the process deeply. 

5-Step Framework To Break Your Song Into Top 100 Apple Music Nigeria

As indicated earlier, we’ll be using a popular, recent song as a case study in this article. This will help you get a general idea behind everything that happened behind the scenes to get the song to break the mainstream media and take the number 1 spot on the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. 

1.0 Create Good Music

Goal: To Create A Song That’s Attractive and Relatable.

The fundamentals for you to break into the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart is to create good, relatable music. People want to hear something they resonate with on Melodies and good tunes. This was the first thing Pheelz’s finesse achieved. 

Everybody who listened to the song could resonate with the lyrics because it basically addresses a part of their lives (financially). This made people want to listen to the song and vibe with the emotion addressed in the music.  

So if your aim is to break into the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart and make the number one spot, create a song that prompts people to listen, a song that everybody can relate to the lyrics and emotions shared in the song. To achieve this, look around you and determine what exactly is happening around you that affects everyone including you.

You don’t have to make this hard for yourself. Let me share with you a secret, Nigerians love to listen to underdog stories. You could use this to your advantage and talk about your “on the come up” story in your song. 

Although Creating an attractive story that’s relatable to everyone is one of the things needed to create good music, this isn’t enough. You need to also share this music on a sweet, melodious beat. Get your producer to produce you sweet smooth sounds that will make listeners want to move their bodies. 

Here’s a cheat, Nigerians want to dance. No matter what your lyrics are about, they want to be able to dance to it. So the best you’ll be using should make listeners bop their heads while listening to your music. 

To understand more on how to market your music with your lyrics, here’s an article.

Now that you’ve created attractive lyrics on a bopping beat, get a mixer who knows how to blend your voice into the Melodies of the beat. Once you achieve this, you’re good to go to the next step and get your song into the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. 

2.0 Make A Viral Video – Anticipation

Goal: To Create A Video That Causes The Audience To Anticipate The Song Release.

After Pheelz and Buju connected in the studio to create finesse, Buju shared a video of him singing along to the unreleased song which went viral. The key reason why this video went viral was that a lot of people could relate to the lyrics of the song. Can you see how the dots are connecting now? Can you see how the steps to get your song into the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart are getting clearer? 

Once you’re done with the creation of the song, share a video of you or someone listening to the song on your social media pages. This video should be a short one as you’re not really creating a music video. You don’t really need to spend so much money on promoting the video.

Although Buju’s fanbase played an important role in this step, this is why I mentioned earlier that you need to have attempted building your fanbase as a prerequisite to following this article. So, In this step, if your fans relate to your song, they’ll begin to share and promote the unreleased music indirectly by sharing your video on their social media until it goes viral. 

If you don’t have that fanbase yet, you can use influencer marketing to promote the video and get it viral. Although this is going to cost you some bucks, if you see it as a good investment, you can do it. Since your aim is to get your song on the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart, you can draw a promotion budget to help you achieve your goal. 

It’s important to know that this is not going to be an overnight process so follow these steps dearly to get optimum results. 

3.0 Create TikTok Or IG Sound With Your Music 

Goal: To Make The Audience Indirectly Market The Unreleased Song.

After Buju’s video went viral, finesse was added as a TikTok and Instagram sound so fans can use it to create videos and challenges on the applications. Since the sound is a very popular and relatable one, it was easy for fans to want to create content on TikTok and Instagram with the sound. The more fans created their content, the more the song went viral without even being released. 

Imagine your song already going viral without even releasing it yet, it’s definitely going to break the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. Hence, I recommend this step as the third step to getting your music to break the mainstream media and hit the number 1 spot on the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. 

Now that you have a viral video of your upcoming music being shared all around social media, your next step should be to add the sound on TikTok and Instagram so influencers can create challenges for their audience with the sound. If your video is viral, trust me, you won’t need to spend so much on influencer marketing because every influencer on TikTok and Instagram will want to jump on the trend. 

With this, your song begins to go viral without being released. Everybody wants to do a video with your song on TikTok and Instagram. Everybody wants to jump on any challenges created by TikTok and Instagram influencers with your song. 

When everyone wants to jump on your song and create content with it, they do something we call “indirect marketing” in the music promotion and marketing industry. Indirect marketing is when people are sharing and marketing your content for you without being influenced by you or your marketing efforts.

Once your fans begin to share your song indirectly without it being released, then you definitely have the chance of making it to the number 1 spot on the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart.

Now that everyone’s anticipating the release of your song, you can go on to the next step which is to release your song on all music streaming websites.

4.0 Release Your Music

Goal: To Make The Song Available On All Streaming Platforms And Break Into The Top 100 Apple Music Nigeria Chart. 

Once people started using finesse as a sound on TikTok, it was confirmed that a lot of people were anticipating the song, so Pheelz decided to move the release date of the song nearer. Immediately the song was released, not much promotion was needed to be done before the song broke into the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. A few hours after the release, the song was already trending on all social media platforms and people were streaming it so much, it hit the number 1 spot on the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. 

Usually, to be able to use your song as a sound on Instagram and TikTok, you need to have it distributed with a music distribution platform and set a release date for the song. Once this is set, and your song is already going viral on TikTok and Instagram, go on and release it.

Once you release the song, I’m pretty sure you’ll start to see how many people are streaming your songs on your Apple Music dashboard. Because it’s already a viral sound when the song wasn’t released, a lot of people will be streaming the song on the day of the release. With this, in no time you’ll break into the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. 

5.0 Promote Your Music

Goal: To Rise Up The Top 100 Apple Music Nigeria Chart.

Because your music is already viral doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a promotion strategy drawn out for your music. Now that your song is doing rounds, create a music promotion strategy for it. You may decide to run social media ads for it. 

Remember, your previous marketing steps with the unreleased sound got your song to break into the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart, now you need to do more promotions if you want the song to make it to the top spot on the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart. 

The first step is to make sure the song is available on your music website. Add all the streaming links to different streaming channels on the website so any new fan looking for your music can easily access it via your website. 

You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. You may also decide to add influencer marketing to your promotion strategy. If you need help creating a music promotion strategy for your released music, here’s an article

You can also pitch your song to playlists and blogs. This way, your song is available to different kinds of audiences listening to different playlists and reading different blogs. 

Once you implement your promotion strategy, you’ll see your song rising on the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart and watch how you take over the number 1 spot on the chart for the next few days or weeks. 


It goes without saying that to achieve the best result from any promotion strategy, you need to follow each step of the strategy strictly. The same goes for the steps in this article. The steps above are proven steps discovered from my research on the promotion strategy used by Pheelz to make his song go viral and break into the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart.

You can also implement these steps in the next promotion strategy for your next song. Carefully reform your strategy to accommodate the above steps and go on to implement them. Remember to make sure you achieve each goal for each step so you can see everything finally blend in. If the goal isn’t achieved yet, do not move to the next step. 

Follow these steps dearly and watch your song soar to the top of the top 100 Apple Music Nigeria chart.


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