An active presence on Instagram is quite important for musicians in this era as this is one of the mediums of communication between musicians and fans on social media. But as a budding artist with little to no fan base, you’d have been pondering on how to grow Instagram followers for musicians just like yourself.


Seeing how famous musicians’ Instagram pages are structured, similar questions like “How do I market myself as a musician on Instagram just like these famous artists?” might have crossed your mind. 


In an era when Statista reports the average daily usage of social media by internet users between 2019 and 2020 to be 145 minutes per day, it’s quite reasonable to create a bridge of communication between musicians and their fans on social media.


Now how do you communicate with your fans on social media when you don’t even have fans yet as a budding artist? This question led to the creation of this article on how to grow Instagram followers for musicians.


The simplest answer to these questions will be to organically grow your fan base on Instagram with a well-optimized profile, and uniquely engaging posts. But why Instagram?


Why Use Instagram To Grow Followers For Musicians?

Instagram is the most popular photo and video-sharing social networking service with roughly one billion monthly users. 


With Instagram, you can share your journey to stardom as a musician by just sharing photos and videos of your performances, upcoming tracks, anticipation graphics, concerts, etc. to a fraction of Instagram’s one billion monthly users who listen to your kind of music. With music niche marketing, it’s easy to grow Instagram followers for musicians like yourself as you can focus on this fraction of Instagram users and build on them, thereby building a fan base out of these users.


Instagram allows you to tell your story as it is. Followers love to follow up on their favorite music artist’s journey, as they move from concert to concert, their latest nominations, upcoming tracks, etc. especially when the story is genuine and intended to carry your followers along.  With this, you can keep your fans engaged. 


It’s easy to grow Instagram followers for musicians using Instagram live. The Instagram live feature lets you broadcast video to followers on happenings in your life in real-time. You can use this feature to engage your followers with your ongoing studio sessions or if your followers couldn’t make it to your concert, you can live broadcast it to those who missed the concert in real-time. This not only engages your followers but grows them as you share your story with your audience. 


Not leaving out the Instagram hashtag feature, a hashtag is a combination of letters, numbers, and/or emoji preceded by the # symbol. They are clickable tags that let you categorize your content while making them more discoverable.


This feature plays a very important role in niche marketing on Instagram. It lets you target a particular Instagram audience with your content making it easy for them to discover your content among thousands of other content.  


Gradually you can also build your own hashtags and make your followers use them, as a form of engagement. The hashtags can be used to promote your new music or upcoming events to your own segmented audience. 


Using this feature aids music niche marketing if you understand how music niche marketing works. Here’s a previous article on everything you need to know about Music Niche Marketing and how you can use it to fuel your Instagram activity.  


Now that you’ve chosen to grow your followers on Instagram and expand your fan base, how do you go about it? 


How To Grow Instagram Followers For Musicians

Many musicians make the mistake of believing Instagram is all about merely publishing pictures and videos. Yes, Instagram is a social network majorly for posting pictures and videos but, Instagram doesn’t guarantee that your posts will reach the right audience.


Developing a proper Instagram marketing strategy will be required to expand your fan base and increase your followers. Here are 10 tips to building the perfect strategy to grow Instagram followers for musicians:


Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The first step to grow Instagram followers for musicians is to optimize your profile by completely filling in all necessary details. 


Your Instagram Biography

As a musician, your Instagram biography should be concise and continuously updated. You can integrate hashtags in your Instagram biography, for example, musician- artist #afrobeat. 


This will lead people to your profile and if your profile is well optimized and attractive enough, you gain new followers.


Link In Your Bio

Instagram allows musicians to promote themselves easily. If you have a link to your new music, album, or upcoming concerts, you can embed a smart link into your Instagram biography which allows your audience to listen to your new tracks/album or direct them to register for your upcoming event or concert. 


Develop A Strong Visual Identity To Gain New Followers.

Instagram is supposed to be a colorful space with beautiful moments shared. Creating a theme for yourself that resonates with your kind of music is essential to attract new followers. This also helps grow Instagram followers for musicians.


A Well-Themed Feed

Most musicians barely care about the layout of their feed. The mosaic of your Instagram account should be filled with harmony. 


Create an original idea that resonates around your music, tells your story, and makes you unique from other musical talents on Instagram.


This creates the desire for potential fans to want to follow you as soon as they visit your Instagram profile. 



To gain followers on Instagram, your first step should be to define a basic premise. What do you want to represent as a musician? Is your image important? Then do not hesitate to plan a photoshoot to cull content from, for your Instagram page for a start. 


If you want to create a faceless themed Instagram profile, don’t worry, you can. You just need to define a  universe within your Instagram space that accommodates your plan and makes you feel comfortable.


While trying to grow your Instagram followers, do not go out of step to satisfy some followers. In the social media world, they’d say “don’t chase clout”. Be original. Let your contents speak for you to your followers. 


Quality Over Quantity 

The quality of your visual identities is very important to grow Instagram followers for musicians. Do not just post any picture you feel is right to be on your page. 


You should make sure your post checks all your required qualities before posting it. Followers recognize a quality Instagram page and as a musician looking to grow your Instagram followers, you need to portray quality. 


What is the purpose of your photo? An album release? A clip to engage your followers? A giveaway post?


Your music tells a story, your Instagram page should reflect that story. 


Post Consistently

There’s a popular saying that goes- “Consistency is the key to growth”. This is also applicable to grow Instagram followers for musicians. 


Posting consistently keeps your followers updated on your latest move and upcoming events. You can also make your followers anticipate your posts since they know you’re very consistent with your Instagram account. 


Plan Your Posts

Instagram algorithm appreciates the flow of content. Instead of randomly posting, you can plan out days and times of the week you’d love to make your posts on Instagram by creating a content planner. 


A content planner is an effective way to create a social media calendar for your posts. This is effective to grow followers for musicians on Instagram. 


You can create your social media calendar using The Content Planner. This will aid you in planning your posts easily. 


Be Creative 

Growing your Instagram followers requires an ounce of creativity from you. You’re an awesome musician and definitely creativity breeds in you. Channel your creativity into creating engaging content for your followers.


This will grow your followers and get them to engage with your posts, triggering the Instagram algorithm to push your posts to the explore page for new followers to discover your Instagram page. 


You’re Not Alone

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new content for your Instagram page as a musician. You needn’t worry as you can be inspired by other creative musicians like you. 


Check out some other musicians’ Instagram pages for inspiration. Without copying and pasting, you can curate your own idea from inspiration.


Do not forget to have fun while being creative. 


Sync Your Other Social Media Accounts To Your Instagram Account

You can promote your Instagram account on your other social media accounts. Spread the word on your Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok accounts. Inform your audience on other social media platforms to follow you on Instagram by sharing the link on your posts on the platforms, or adding the link to your bio on the platforms.


Invite your immediate friends, and if they’re willing to help out, ask them to invite their other friends. 


With time your followers will begin to increase and you begin to grow your fan base on Instagram.


Follow People Strategically

While trying to grow Instagram followers for musicians or as a musician, you need to be careful while following people. The usual practice is that your followers should be more than the people you are following. Stick to this.


Take Your Time 

As earlier discussed, always make sure that the number of followers is greater than the people you follow. This difference aids in creating credibility whenever you launch any of your projects. 


Avoid following people en masse, do not engage in “follow for follow” activities to avoid being “punished” by Instagram. These activities prompt Instagram’s algorithm to place a shadowban on your account and this could lead to you losing your account. 


Avoid Buying Followers

It’s best to begin your journey with organic followers. Creating A community of engaging, and active followers who will stay for the long term should be your aim. 


If you try to buy followers, Instagram could place a shadowban on your account immediately it detects abnormal activities on your account.


Carefully Create Well-Optimized Captions 

This is one of the most important points to growing Instagram followers for musicians. You need to pay attention to your description and captions.


Create Interesting And Engaging Descriptions/Captions 

With your writing experience, you can use your storytelling technique to create engaging descriptions for your posts. Don’t forget to include “link in my bio” under your promotional posts that have their links in your bio.


Use Relevant Hashtags 

Your posts are as important as your bio hence, you need to categorize them using hashtags. Hashtags let you niche down your content to target them to a certain audience. 


Make sure to always integrate targeted hashtags in your posts. You can get hashtag ideas using TagsFinder.


Share Instagram Stories

To grow your followers as a musician, you need to involve your followers in your daily lifestyle. Be free to switch to your front camera to make videos for your followers keeping them up to date on your daily activities.


This helps build credibility between you and your followers and also signals the Instagram algorithm that your page is active, thereby bringing your page to the explore page on Instagram.


Guidelines For Stories

To increase your visibility, you can tag other persons in your story. This shows you’re present, reactive, and increases your chances of acquiring new followers. This is efficient when the tagged accounts are influential, prompting them to engage with your posts. 


You can also use “Link in my bio” in your stories to promote your new track, album, or upcoming events. 


To promote your music, you can add your track in the background as Instagram now allows professional accounts to add music tracks to stories through Spotify. This is very efficient in boosting your streams.


Create Reels

Instagram now lets users post short videos on the app. With this feature, you can create engaging content to grow Instagram followers for musicians. 


As a musician, you can create anticipation videos, short clips, etc with Instagram reels.


Now that Instagram is trying to build a platform that accommodates any length of videos, you can use this to your advantage to create content for your page and increase your Instagram followers.

Sponsor Posts To Gain New Followers.

Sponsored ads are also efficient to grow Instagram followers for musicians. You don’t need a huge budget to get your sponsorships to work on Instagram.


The main requirement is “targeting”- age range, location, interests, etc. it’s advisable to target a lower number of people that are more likely to get hooked to your project than 1 million people who won’t pay attention. 


The more precise the targeting, the more likely you are to grow your followers as a musician.


Interact With Your Followers 

Followers and fans appreciate musicians that put in the time to hear their views and reply to their comments and questions.


Reply to your followers’ comments, propose contests, ask questions, create question and answer sessions, and make polls on your stories.


All of these are ways to engage your followers. And the more you engage, the more the Instagram algorithm suggests your page to new followers to follow. Hence you get to grow your Instagram followers as a musician.

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