Audiomack, the online music streaming platform made a huge jump in 2019 from having 400,000 to 1.5 million daily users with a lot of this population coming from African countries thereby increasing music streams on Audiomack for African artists majorly.

The youth-driven music streaming and audio distribution platform just recently expanded its operation to Nigeria by opening its office in Lagos and has really gained a lot of attention from music enthusiasts.

It quickly gained popularity in the country because of its free streaming services and free downloading of songs and podcasts, and their trending, regularly updated afrobeat playlists, which expands the site’s focus beyond hip-hop to other genres across the different countries it currently functions within.

A lot of artists have released their songs and albums on Audiomack and have gained major recognition from the platform. To promote your account successfully, you must be aware of the most favorable methods to increase Audiomack streams and followers.


Your Profile Presentation

The first step to increasing your music streams on Audiomack is to optimize your artist profile.

How your profile appears is very important if you want to increase your music streams on Audiomack. Here are 5 Tips to Improve your Audiomack Profile Presentation


Your Profile Should Have Complete Information

While registering and preparing your account on Audiomack, make sure you fill in all the necessary details at the right places. You cannot afford to leave out any information required to complete your profile.

This is because without adding the right information, it may not be searchable content and no relevant listener will be able to access it. Add links to your social media pages and website as well.


Utilize Significant And Descriptive Images Only

It would be unjustified to add images that are not relevant or part of the audio they are attached to. When the track plays on Audiomack, the artists are given an option that is to add an image with tracks.

The condition is that it should be interpretative in nature, the track and images should be in sync. The image should express the purpose of the song, it should be able to depict and explain the mood, and emotion of the track, to make it more presentable.


Indicate The Genre, Mood, Or Tone Of The Music

In order to get identified easily, it is always recommended to add the right details. Otherwise, those looking for it will never be able to get it anyways.

Indicate the genre of your music, let prospects have an idea of the type of music they are about to listen to. Attach hashtags to the tracks, this will make your tracks searchable and the listeners would be able to find and listen to them conveniently.

To get attention across the network, it is imperative to give all the details carefully. Adding genre and hashtag with the track is one of those requirements.


Implement An Ordered Segmentation Of Your Account

When you have so many tracks and playlists, your profile might look a bit messy. Hence, it is recommended to categorize the tracks according to the genre.

Different sections for a specific style of music are mandatory to help the listeners easily find what they are looking for. Try to maintain a sorted account to not confuse your followers. If you are targeting to receive more plays on tracks, it is the foremost thing you should be doing.


Smartly Edit The Tracks

You need is to be conscious about the length and quality of the audio track, with which it has been edited. It is very important that you do it with perfection or get it done with expert hands. This is going to decide how good your work is, and remember, content is the King. If it’s good no one can stop it from becoming popular and will naturally be heard more by the listeners. Make sure you match up to that level of expectation.


Work To Get Featured On Playlists

To increase your music streams on Audiomack, you need to work to get featured on playlists

Audiomack like other streaming platforms has its playlists. Artists can pitch their songs, albums, and podcasts for possible trending and playlist placement on Audiomack.

Getting your songs on one of these playlists or trending can highly increase your music streams on Audiomack. Pitching your tracks for trending and playlist is relatively easy, you simply just have to paste in your Audiomack link and paste it in an email.

Pitching for trending placements;

Artists can pitch songs, albums, and podcasts for possible trending placement on Audiomack.  But they all have to be new releases and only one trending submission can be sent at a time.

Do not pack your entire discography in one email. Your trending pitches can be sent to; – for hip-hop/rap, R&B, electronic, pop, podcasts, and any genre not specified on a below email. – reggae, dancehall – Afrobeats – Latin


Pitching for Audiomack playlist placements;

Artists can pitch only songs, no albums, for playlist considerations. Unlike pitching for trending, you are allowed to pitch multiple songs all at once and there is no date restriction for playlist pitches.

Playlist pitches should be sent to;


Pitching to playlist curators

Getting your music on playlists of individual playlist curators is also very advisable. There are a lot of these curators and you should do your research to find the ones that best suit your music. Like the Audiomack curated playlists, you also pitch to individual curators through emails.

The important point to note when pitching is that the more specific you are in your genre, the better chance you have to get on one of them. A lot of artists make the mistake of sending tracks to different playlist curators without knowing what the playlist is really about.

Find playlists that have songs that are similar to yours, that is, in the same niche.


If you are a lyrical rapper who made a lyrical song, pitch for the Art of Bars.

If you are a rising Afrobeats artist, pitch for #OnTheRadar: Afrobeats.


Cross-Promote Your Music

Cross-promoting your profile and tracks from Audiomack to social media platforms will help you gain a big boost in followers and increase your music streams on Audiomack. So you should work to build yourself social proof as much as you can so that you have a solid foundation for the long run. To promote your music on social media, here’s an article to help you through the process.

Link your artist page on Audiomack to your website and share it with your social media profiles. Don’t be afraid to promote your links and ask your fans to follow you on the platform.

Some of your fans don’t know they can even do so and include it in the email newsletters you send to your newsletter subscribers. Encourage your followers to follow you on Audiomack and you should as well share links to your tracks or albums on your social media bios.


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