Features keep coming up on social networking platforms that drive excitement and give you more platforms to keep engaging intimately with your fans and create a sense of community. With the new live streaming features added to most social media platforms, avenues are created for musicians to connect with their fans live hence, the creation of this guide on live streaming platforms for musicians.

During the lockdown period, the increase in social media traffic was high. People were glued to social media. Concerts, gigs, and tours were canceled and the social media live stream became the new concert venue. A lot of live performances were taken to social media and now, live streaming has become a trend.

Live streaming is any media, both video, and audio that is simultaneously recorded and broadcasted live. The excitement and interaction are what make live streaming such a popular method for artists to connect with fans who are missing the actual musical performance.

Live streaming also plays an important role in promoting music on social media. Musicians can unveil their upcoming music using live streaming platforms to promote the music. Here’s a detailed article on how musicians can promote their music on social media.

But media live streaming isn’t just about virtual live music performances. A lot of musicians would want to jump on the train but would wonder what kinds of content and videos they’d create.

Live music performance

One of the numbers of ways social media platforms can be used as live streaming platforms for musicians includes doing live music performances on the platforms. Due to the lockdown, a lot of performances were moved from physical to live streaming on social media.

Frequently asked questions

People will always have questions to ask. They’d like to know more about you, your personal life. On your live videos, you could answer questions being asked in real-time. That would be a very nice way to spend time with your fans, engage with them, and just you know, form some sort of personal connection with them.

Songwriting sessions and home studio tours

Take your fans along your journey of creating good music.  Play them a couple of songs and then pause to have an actual chat with your viewers, read the comment sections, and reply.

Brief car interviews

Brief car interviews can be granted to media teams and recorded live for fans and followers to see and follow. These are usually short interview sessions between musicians and representatives of media teams. The interview normally is Live streamed to fans who love to catch up with the musician’s activities in real-time.

Short home clips

Live streaming platforms for musicians can be used to create a certain level of intimacy between musicians and their fans. A certain level of intimacy like showing home clips to your fans and letting them in on your daily activities can be very vital in strengthening your fanbase.



Setting up for a live stream can go two ways:  A high-quality phone camera and a good internet connection are basically all you need if you aren’t performing a song, more like a casual live video for chats.

For a more professional music performance, you’d need an audio interface, a good microphone, and an HD external webcam for your computer. The external webcam gives you more flexibility to try out different angles.

The operating system of the computer you use doesn’t matter, it can be Windows, Mac, or Linux.

The quality of your video is matters a lot, always make sure the room is well illuminated and the background is suitable enough to make a good-looking video.

For the music production equipment, you probably know what you do better than anybody else does, some top artists live stream right from their highly equipped studios whereas others do with just their instruments.

Finally, you’ll need live streaming software. This software gives you a whole lot of high-quality filming benefits. The most popular ones are OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. Streamlabs offers great features like donation alerts, custom overlays, integrated chats, and more. These apps are free and require no specific knowledge to install and go live.


The Best Live Streaming Platforms For Musicians

Choosing Live streaming platforms for musicians can be quite a hassle as there are a number of live streaming platforms available. The most essential requirement to choose the best live streaming platforms for musicians is that you’ll need to understand where your audience is more active. The following are popular social media platforms that can be used for live streaming by musicians.

YouTube Live

YouTube is the home for videos, it is by far the largest live streaming platform. It has so many great features to work around in creating a smooth and exciting experience.

Its user population is so large getting millions of daily visitors. And yes! Live streaming software work perfectly with YouTube. It is best for artists who want a high-resolution live stream (4k supported) and built-in revenue share options.

YouTube allows you to schedule live streams in advance, that way, you can create buzz around it. It sends notifications to your followers that you are live and the video can be saved afterward directly to your YouTube channel.

YouTube live stream videos can be monetized through donations by enabling ads, using Super Chat, or setting up a monthly membership for YouTube channel if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Hosting Requirements;

To host a live stream on YouTube, you need to meet two requirements

  • You must have a verified account
  • You can’t have any live streaming restrictions on your account


Facebook Live

This offers a very easy way to go live and you can set the video display to ‘only me’.  You can also schedule a live stream event up to 7 days in advance.

Pushed notifications are sent to your followers and videos are saved as well.  You can start a live stream on any page and also with any streaming software.

Your live stream can be monetized through donations by dropping your PayPal.Me link, venom username, or a link to your website in the description of the video.



Over the pandemic, Zoom experienced a high influx of users. Meetings, live seminars, all works of life pushed their virtual meetings to zoom. One of its lovely features is that it allows buzz to be created around an event. Calendar links can be created, distributed ahead of time, and integrated with mobile devices so your fans get reminder notifications when your live stream begins.

With their latest platform, Onzoom, it gets better. Tickets can be sold on Onzoom for upcoming virtual live events.


Instagram Live

Instagram Live is great for live streams that last less than an hour. It doesn’t allow scheduling but your followers will be notified whenever you go live.

Although the video disappears from the platform 24hrs after going live, you can save the video to your camera roll immediately after ending the live stream.

Your live stream events can be monetized through donations the same way as Facebook, but the links to your website sit in the bio on your profile, so you’d have to redirect your viewers to your bio.



What To Consider When Choosing A Platform To Go Live

While considering what live streaming platforms for musicians you’d love to choose, ideally, you’d have to consider where your target audience lives and the number of followers you have. You wouldn’t want to live stream on a platform where there are uninterested people. The right platform for your live stream would be the platform where on a regular day you get the most engagement from your fans.

You also have to consider which platform you are better at and more comfortable using when it comes to the technical aspect. Although most of them have similar features, they all don’t work exactly the same way.

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