Apple Music was reported in 2020 to house 72 million subscribers, a figure that has grown exponentially over the months and presently houses over 80 million subscribers. Hence, it is only logical to want to promote your music on Apple Music. 


With the rapid growth of the internet, the way businesses are conducted has completely changed. With one single post, you could go viral and completely surpass your expectations and set targets. For instance, Drake’s album “Scorpion” pulled over 170 million streams on Apple Music within the first 24 hours of being uploaded. 


This growth has also affected the music business positively as we live in an age of high levels of digital literacy and digital platforms that promote music. One of the digital platforms every artist should leverage is the streaming platform. 


Every successful artist is on these streaming platforms because these platforms boast tens of millions of subscribers. Hence, they see it as an avenue to make more money from their music. 


Apple Music’s exponential growth in subscribers gives music artists the perfect platform to get their music in front of over 80 million subscribers. Now how can you promote your music on Apple Music?


This article will guide you through everything you need to do and know, to promote your music on Apple Music so read on.

Why Apple Music?

With a number Of music streaming platforms available in this age, it’s definitely hard to choose which streaming platform to settle with especially if you need just one. What do you gain if you choose to promote your music on Apple Music? 


Here are reasons for you to promote your music on Apple Music:

Higher Rates

Music artists require platforms that provide a higher royalties rate for them. Apple Music understands this pain point for musicians, that’s why they offer higher royalty payments compared to other streaming platforms in the market. This is a very viable reason to sign up on Apple Music and promote your music on apple music 


Raw Data/Analytics

When you promote your music on Apple Music, Apple music creates ease in monitoring your music performance on the platform because they offer you updated data on your music plays, song purchases, radio spins, and album purchases on your Apple Music for artists dashboard.


This information will help you to understand your audience intimately. You can also get your audience’s demographic information (information like their ages, gender, location, and other information). With such information, you can target your music promotions better and easily reach your target audience easily to successfully promote your music on apple music.

Audience size

A lot of people use Apple Music to stream their music. Apple Music currently boasts over 80 million premium subscribers and about 10million extra which are on free trials. With these huge numbers, it’s quite enticing to want to promote your music on Apple Music as it has the tendency of getting to a larger audience. 


You have a huge number of subscribers to reach at your disposal. 

Apple Music Promotion Tools

Apple Music has a number of music promotion tools that you can leverage to promote your music on Apple Music. One of these tools is Apple Music playlists placement. The following are the tools Apple Music provides:

Apple Music for Artists

Developed by Apple, Apple Music for artists is a platform developed with the aim of helping music artists track their progress across both Apple Music and iTunes whenever you promote your music on Apple music. This feature provides the musician with a dashboard that displays information on radio spins, plays, songs, and album purchases making it easy for the artists to monitor the performance of their music because they have enough analytic information.

Apple Music Toolbox

When you promote your music on Apple Music, you are provided with the Apple Music toolbox which has a few tools that help artists like you accomplish some tasks with ease like creating links to your music that can be shared on social media platforms, making it easy for your fans to access your music.


Alternatively, to promote your music on Apple Music, the Apple Music toolbox helps to create widgets using the widget builder. You can also make some banner art using the widget’s banner builder. 


How To Increase Your Chances Of Landing A Spot On Apple Music 

You may be one of those artists who break out with just one song but what are the odds? Apple Music has a vast amount of tracks being shared through their music catalog. It is said to be over 50 million tracks which means, there’s a very slim chance that your music is going to be picked or placed in playlists hence, why it’s important for you to promote your music on Apple Music.


Unlike any other streaming platform, Apple Music does not involve third-party curators on their streaming platform. All of their public playlists are made by Apple’s editorial team or other companies that work closely with Apple Music.


The competition to be on these playlists is stiff unless you have a personal relationship with one of Apple Music’s curators in their editorial team. How do you now increase your chances of being spotted out of the number of musicians on Apple Music, to help you successfully promote your music on Apple Music?


Here are the steps you should follow:

Get Your Music On The Platform

Before aiming to get listed and beginning to promote your music on Apple Music, the first step you need to carry out is to get your music on the streaming platform. There has to be something to list, hence if there’s no music released, you cannot list anything.

Get Verified

After uploading your music, for authenticity reasons, the next step is to verify your artist profile. There are tons of inauthentic accounts on Apple Music looking to claim your content for themselves, hence the reason for authentication. 


Once you get a verification badge, new fans will begin to trust the Genuity of your profile hence leading them to check out your music and you can begin to promote your music on Apple Music successfully. You can go on to iTunes and further connect and claim your artist profile. The process might take a few days as it isn’t a swift process.

Build A Following On Apple Music

Once your profile is verified and you’re all set, it’s time to get to work and begin to promote your music on Apple Music. To attract Apple Music curators to your page, you need to have a substantial amount of following and plays. 


Kick-off by inviting people you know, your friends, and your family to follow you and stream your music. You can preach it to them as a form of them supporting your music in the little way they can. You can also use social media platforms to promote your music and redirect listeners to your Apple Music profile. 


This way, as your Apple Music plays increase, you attract Apple Music curators thereby leading to help you promote your music on Apple Music successfully. Another simple trick to help you promote your music on Apple Music is to help other musicians at your level, promote their music. You can do this on social media platforms too by giving them shoutouts.  There’s a likelihood that they will return the favor and help you expand the network of your fans. 

Upload Music Consistently 

The more consistent you get with uploading your music on the platform, the more chances you have at appearing on the playlists thereby aiding to promote your music on Apple Music successfully. Don’t just stop at the first upload. If you do, your fans will forget you. Give your fans a reason to stick with you by releasing more music periodically. 


This will help you increase your chances of getting on a playlist. While trying to be consistent, be careful to not compromise the quality of your music as this may draw you back while trying to promote your music on Apple Music. It is very tempting to put out substandard content in the process of trying to remain relevant. 


To avoid this, you can carefully create a schedule and adhere to it. Make sure to thoroughly verify the quality of your music before you upload it on the platform.

Approach Playlist Curators

You can also reach out to Apple Music curators to help you promote your music on Apple Music as this is a way to increase your chances of being listed in playlists. Reach out to them through well-structured emails that catch their attention. Take your time to create the mail and pitch your music to them. 

Reach Out To Blogs

As an upcoming musician, blogs are a good place to kick-start your music promotion. You can always reach out to small blogs looking for content to post on their websites. There are a variety of blogs out there, all you just need to do is to find the ones that blog about your music style. Once your story is shared by these blogs, they’ll help you to reach out to new audiences and convert this audience into fans

Hire A Publicist

Hiring a publicist is always a good idea of course if you have some cash to spare. A good publicist knows their way around the press and radio DJs and also knows how to help you successfully promote your music on Apple Music. The burden of Planning and executing your promotional campaigns will be eased off you as they will handle this perfectly. 


However, you need to be careful as there are people out there trying to make quick money out of upcoming music artists hence it’s important to hire legitimate publicists. It’s also a good idea to talk to other artists and get referrals especially if you don’t know your way around.

Collaborate With Other Musicians

Music collaborations are also a great way to promote your music on Apple Music and get you landed on Apple Music curators’ playlists. The right collaboration can go a long way in promoting your music and drawing the attention of playlist curators to your page. When choosing an artist to collaborate with, it’s best to pick out an artist with the same genre of music as yours. This will allow both of you to expose each other to your respective fan bases and help each other increase your audience coverage and plays. 

How To Get Your Track On Apple Music’s Top 100 Chart

Getting on Apple Music’s top 100 charts is a huge win for every new music artist as it shows they’re getting closer to achieving their goal to promote their music on Apple Music. Although most people believe tracks that get on the chart got there due to the song’s quality, Getting on the chart is not only dependent on quality as there are other music promotion steps taken to get on that chart. 


To increase your chances of appearing on the chart, here are a few things you can do:

Carefully Strategize Your Release

It’s very important you strategize your music release to a time that’s most impactful for your music. One trick to doing this is releasing your music 5 to 6 weeks after uploading it on iTunes. This allows you to promote your music and increase your pre-release sales and orders. It also allows you to monitor and analyze the market.

Use Apple Music Promotion Services

It might be very tasking to promote your music on Apple Music as it requires some technicalities, else you’d just be splurging your money on the service. Hence, it’s advisable to seek professionals to help with this.

Create A Buzz Around Your Music

Plan a promotional campaign and execute it to the latter. You have to get your music to every person you know that would listen to your music. Most good music made by upcoming artists die along the line of its creation not because of the quality but because people don’t even know it exists. 


Hence, you need to create a buzz around your music. Use your social media platforms and other tools at your disposal to promote your music on Apple Music. To assist you in achieving this, here’s an article on how to create buzz for your music.

Consider The Competition

While releasing your music and planning to promote your music on Apple Music, you need to be careful of the shadow effect. The shadow effect is when a music artist releases his music when a major artist releases theirs, therefore, overshadowing the music artist’s release. This is why it’s recommended that you consider the competitors and release your song when a major artist isn’t releasing theirs. This increases your chances of getting listed on the top 100 chart

Albums Over Singles

Apple Music prioritizes albums over singles. Hence to beat the algorithm and promote your music on Apple Music to land on the top 100 charts, it’s worth considering releasing albums. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat singles as equally important. 

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