After announcing in September, Spotify has added a new feature that supports artists in spreading the word about their upcoming virtual events. This was done in a partnership with SongKick, a live stream concert delivery app, and Ticketmaster.

Spotify has been one of the top platforms for artists to share and promote their music to millions of people. It has experienced an enormous growth since its launch in April, 2006. Now, it is one of the most important tools in artists’ music marketing strategy.

Of course there are numerous reasons why your music has to be on Spotify; for one, it has a population of 286 million active monthly users, who wouldn’t want to stream their songs online for free? This gives a vast room to help your music reach millions of people.

The platform helps in promoting your music by notifying people who like your music about your new releases and charting streams. They help you spread the word. It also advertises new singles and albums on its home tab every Friday and getting on that tab, is of course a huge opportunity to increase early streams of your new releases.

And then, its email campaign feature that targets your followers through email is a great way to help keep existing followers and engagement.

But then all these benefits depend on your ability to build a following on your profile.

Especially now that it has added an extra feature that helps you engage more with your fans and carry them along your music journey.



This feature spreads the word about an artist’s upcoming virtual event on its platform. The goal is to make it easy for Spotify listeners learn about virtual events for the artists they are interested in and artists they are discovering for the first time. This was done to help artists live stream virtual performances across a variety of platforms during this pandemic.




To get Spotify to share your upcoming event, you have to go through SongKick to get the events listed as there is no way right now to list events directly through Spotify.

Spotify clearly states that a select number of Ticketmaster events will also be automatically listed on its platform and as long as the events are listed through these partners, the virtual events itself can be hosted on a multitude of platforms like Twitch, Instagram Live, a hosted website or any other platform of choice.

In promoting your event, in your artist profile, set the event as your Artist pick, the event is then pinned to the top of your profile.

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