To get your music video on Vevo means you’re aiming to give your audience high-quality videos, in turn promoting your music to greater audiences.

The internet has evolved and with social media, you have a chance of getting out your music to reach a billion people and convert them into your loyal fans.

This sounds great and exciting but it seems the bigger the opportunity and the population of people on social media, the more difficult it gets to reach a potential audience.

Of course, it is expected with the amount of content dragging the attention of people here and there. Millions of contents are posted per second daily on the internet.

Music promotion is getting tougher and video marketing has become a necessity for music artists, hence the reason why musicians do more with social media promotion for their music. Music videos are powerful tools to help you gain exposure, make more fans, and book more gigs.

When you think of music videos, sure you think YouTube. YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world, second to Google and more so now Google has included YouTube as an important part of its search result.

YouTube is the home for music videos, the first place a fan goes to watch a music video in YouTube.

Whereas owning a YouTube channel is important, getting other music channels to advertise your music is a great way to reach more people hence why you should consider to get your music video on VEVO.

In this article, I’ll explain the reasons why you should get your music video on VEVO.




Vevo stands for Video Evolution.

Every artist, emerging or successful has heard about VEVO. It is the world’s largest all-premium music video provider. It offers music artists globally with enormous scale through its distribution partners. It is a multinational video hosting service, founded as a joint venture among three major record companies; Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI.

If you have ever searched for a music video even on YouTube, you must have come across videos hosted by Vevo. It is one of the most popular tools for promoting music videos.

Seeing the Vevo logo on an artist’s video brings prestige, credibility, and authority immediately. This credibility is the major reason why you should get your music on Vevo




Benefits Of Having Your Music Videos On VEVO

  • Having your videos and channel on VEVO gives you the same professional viewpoint, prestige, and presence most major artists have on YouTube. This prestige builds credibility between you and your fans hence why it’s essential to get your music video on VEVO.


  • Royalties; your videos will be monetized. Vevo has a higher payout than YouTube. If your video is hosted by Vevo, you get paid for every view you get. The amount you get paid depends on the country you are in. Usually, the range is $0.00222 to $0.0025 per video view.


  • Vevo syncs with other video platforms making your videos accessible to a wider audience.


  • You get more exposure as the platform has promotional opportunities such as Vevo LIFT and Vevo Presents which can get more exposure for your music. You get a chance to be featured on genre-specific playlists and get discovered that way.


  • Vevo films nearly 1,000 pieces of original content each year, supporting both established and emerging artists. Labels and distributors can contact Vevo throughout the year to advocate for their artists’ participation in these original-content opportunities.



VEVO Video Requirements Standards

To get your music video on VEVO, your video has to satisfy some required standards.

Your videos have to be full HD. Below are the required standards of videos that get accepted and uploaded on VEVO;

  • Video compression type – H.264
  • File format – .mov or .mp4
  • Dimensions – 1920X1080 preferably but 1280X720 is also accepted
  • Frame rate – Native (no less than 23.98)
  • Quality – High (QT)
  • Bit rate – Unrestricted (minimum 7500 kb/s, if necessary)
  • No interlacing. File must be de-interlaced
  • Multi-pass encoding is preferred, single-pass encoding isn’t
  • Audio in the video should be formatted to AAVC, in stereo (L R), have a sample rate of 44.100kHz, and has a Bit Rate of 320 kbps CBR.

Avoid any of the following;

  • Raw, unedited webcam, flip cam, iPhone footage even if it is HD
  • Improperly lit or mic’d video footage
  • User-generated content will not be accepted.



How To Get Your Music Video On VEVO

Any artist, signed or unsigned can deliver premium music video content through Vevo.

To get started and get your music video on VEVO, artists need to distribute their videos to Vevo through one of Vevo’s content partners, be it a major label or an independent distributor, the same way you go through a music distributor to get your music on major music streaming sites.

Some of these partners/independent distributors are;

  1. Vydia
  2. Videopush
  3. EMPIRE distribution
  4. Ditto music
  5. MarvMent
  6. Seed Worldwide
  7. Symphonic Distribution





Vydia platform provides the support independent artists need, they manage audio and video distributions, content protection rights management, advanced payments, and data tracking from one easy-to-use application.

They are official partners with Vevo, they can help you set up a Vevo channel. It doesn’t matter if you are signed or unsigned.

They accept official music videos, lyric videos, and audio videos.

You can begin setting up your channel with unlimited video uploads for only $20 per year. This package also covers high-quality video storage on their server.

They help you set up a content ID so when someone uploads your song on YouTube, you will get paid for the views that the content gets.

But first, you need to apply to have your videos reviewed, they then check and ensure your videos meet the standards accepted by Vevo. This review process takes a day or two but they note that Vevo has to also review which could take some months, depending on how much demand there is.

As soon as your video gets accepted, you can set up your own custom Vevo channel.



Ditto as an official Vevo partner helps you create a Vevo music channel. They charge a one-time fee of 99 pounds to create a video channel and a fee of 29 pounds to distribute each music video associated with the channel.

When you upload through Ditto, you get to keep 100% of your royalties gotten from the video views.

To get on, you have to first create a Ditto music account and then upload your music video through your personal dashboard. The video will be received and sent to Vevo for review. It can take up to 10 days for your video to appear on the platform if you do not already have an artist page set up on Vevo, but if do; it usually takes a day or two for the video to go live.



Symphonic Distribution

They deliver music and contents of all types from independent record labels, artists, managers, and distributors to digital service providers including Vevo, Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, and more.

To get your music to Symphonic Distribution, you pay a fee of $95 Base or $150 Plus, they say this fee is to distribute your videos across some of the prominent platforms including Vevo, Tidal, Amazon, iTunes, and Noiseporn. They urge artists to submit their videos for review and channel creation three weeks before the music video is scheduled to go live.

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