In marketing, it’s advised that one takes steps to retain customers rather than trying to acquire new fans because it costs five times more to acquire a new fan rather than retaining one. This also applies to music and music marketing because it’s tougher to acquire new fans instead of retaining the ones you have currently, especially if you have a large fan base. 

If you’re looking to strive in the music business for a long time, you need to keep your fans loyal and engage them in the best way you can throughout your career using proven social media engagement tips. 

Always aim to deepen your relationships and connections with your fans as this is what keeps them loyal to you. You need to constantly be on their mind to make them loyal to you while also not assuming that they will stick around because they follow you on any of the social media platforms.

In this article, I’ll be sharing 9 social media engagement tips to help you connect deeper with your fans and create a better relationship between you and your fans so read on:

#Tip 1: Be Consistent 

If you’ve not heard this statement before, then you need to hear it now— “Consistency is key”. When trying to achieve a goal, you need to be consistent with it to see results because if you’re not, you may not get your desired results. This is why this tip is the first social media engagement tip you’ll be getting here. 

You need to consistently engage your fans to grow and keep your fan base because there are so many artists and musicians out there competing for fans’ attention. If you don’t put in consistent efforts to keep your fan base, you may be forgotten in no time. 

This doesn’t mean you should bombard your social media pages with posts daily, make sure to post with the mindset of quality over quantity and make sure to not go silent for months. 

#Tip 2: Share Your Mission

Whatever drives your passion, learn to share it with your fanbase. This social media engagement tip helps your fan feel like a part of your life because you’re sharing what is seemingly personal to you with your fans. 

If you’re passionate about making your community a better place, or in support of a nonprofit organization, share your values and mission with your fans. They will be more likely to identify with you, and maybe cut you some slack with the cancel culture anytime you make a mistake and it surfaces on the internet.

Standing for something bigger than the music helps people who share the same goals or vision feel a deeper connection to your band. So it’s okay to remind your fans of your values and missions since you’re trying to make a positive difference. 

#Tip 3: Reply Comments

Although you can’t reply to every fan’s comments, interacting with fans online and in-person creates a special connection with the fans and shows that you aren’t just a voice coming to them through their media players. This social media engagement tip helps to humanize your “you” and keeps the fans engaged personally because they feel like they are communicating with a person.

#Tip 4: Be Appreciative

Offer a token of appreciation to your fans even if it’s as little as a thank you email. Try to be appreciative of your current fans who have helped spread good words about your music. Express this appreciation and show it on all your social media platforms.

This social media engagement tip helps to make your fans feel special because you’re engaging them on a personal level by appreciating their efforts to spread your music. You can take time on social media to call out fans who have reposted your social media posts and shared your music the most. Engaged fans help increase your exposure by word of mouth. 

#Tip 5: Ask Questions and Give Feedbacks

Most independent musicians lately try to set up a Question and Answer session with their fans and it’s made a great influence on their fanbase as they become more loyal since it feels like the artist has shared something personal with them. You can also incorporate this social media engagement tip as one of the tips to help you keep your fans. 

Think of fun questions related to your music to ask your fans so they can answer them on your social media page. 

Here are samples of conversation starters you can begin with: 

  • How did you hear about me or my music
  • What’s your favorite album?
  • What’s your favorite song of mine?
  • Who do you want me to collaborate with next?

#Tip 6: Agree to Disagree

When a fan airs their opinion and you don’t agree with it, respect the opinion and ensure your response is neutral instead of defensive or argumentative. This social media engagement tip may help you win them over. If they get upset or offended by your opinion, post, or an action by you, ignore them. 

There are chances that they aren’t true fans you want to keep so you needn’t put any energy into trying to make them agree with you. Learn to incorporate this social media engagement tip whenever you’re engaging your fans’ opinions on the internet.

#Tip 7: Host Contests and Giveaways

This social media engagement tip is a great way to reward your fan loyalty and keep them engaged. Setting up a giveaway can be quite tricky but the best platform to host this is on Twitter. With Twitter, you can easily announce your contest and giveaway conditions to your fans and have them engage with the post to get into the contest or giveaway. 

If you need some tips on how to promote your music on Twitter, here’s an article to help you out.

Here’s what you need to do to have a successful contest and giveaway:

  • Establish the rules
  • Select the best platform to host the contest or giveaway 
  • Pay or create a system to collect entries
  • Offer a relevant and attractive prize

#Tip 8: Balance Self-Promotion

Try to balance your self-promotion posts on your social media platforms. This social media engagement tip helps you not to annoy your fans with constant self-promotional messages as it may be very annoying to some of your fans when it seems like you’re spamming your pages with your promotions. 

Although they say you need to be your best promoter, you should still try to balance your self-promotion posts by indulging in great content marketing practices and strategies. For starters, share educational, entertaining, and inspirational posts that will help your fans and engage them. This will help keep you at the top of your fans’ minds because it’s reported that people like to engage in educational, entertaining, and inspirational content. 

#Tip 9: See What’s Trending

A very good way to grab your fan’s attention is to share posts about what’s currently trending on the internet. While incorporating this social media engagement tip, make sure the trending posts you’ll be sharing are relevant to your brand or music in some way. Don’t just talk about any popular topic because it is trending. 

Also, try to be careful with topics you engage in while using this social media engagement tip, and make sure to avoid controversial topics like politics, religion, race, gender, or social issues if it’s not relevant to your brand. 

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