When you’re ready to release new music, making a music video may be one of the most creative and entertaining elements of the process. However, obviously to promote your music video is frequently a different matter. When you think your creative process is finished, you’re just getting started on the most crucial part of your musician’s business—putting your content in front of visitors.

One issue is that most music organizations are not open about industry best practices for music video promotion. A lot of musicians often are tasked with the promotion of their new music videos and become puzzled with the way to go according to industry standards. Well, in some short tips we’ll explain how you can promote your music video.


1. Use Social Media to Build Up Excitement before a Release

The following tip also takes some preparation. When you know a new music video is on the way, start building anticipation with your audience ahead of time. You can announce the music video and its release date directly or adopt a more silent approach and tease an unclear launch without a precise date. In any case, your fans will be invested in the new music video long before it is released. Most artists frequently make use of Instagram and Twitter for their music promotions on social media and you could also pick this technique up to promote your music video

Post teasers and behind-the-scenes videos to guarantee your followers are following, and offer incentives like giveaways to the first few people who engage with the video when it’s released to promote your music video, and you’ll be sure to acquire first-time engagers to increase your video’s YouTube score.


2. Ensure your Music Video Promotions Starts Earlier than the Release date

Along with using the best SEO practices to rank higher, have your PR team start promoting your videos through channels specifically for music, such as private forums, groups, and your mailing list, so that people there can be among the first to see them and provide feedback. This information will better position you to run your campaign. “Unlisted Video Push” is a trade secret that applies to this.

You must have a Google AdWords account to set up your video as a sponsored Ad on YouTube. You may then quickly target your video to reach specific audiences similar to your fandom. Paid YouTube Ads are one of the finest ways to immediately start racking up those YouTube views and ensure that your music video is being seen by the proper demographics, by doing this you’re strategically on your way to promote your music video.


3. Utilize Influencer Marketing for your Music Video

You can also ask influencers to share the new music video and express their support if you want to take things beyond your network of other musicians. The reach of this strategy can be as broad or narrow as you wish; you can invest a lot of money in huge celebrities who can expose your content to millions of followers, or you can specialize to go for a particular target promote to promote your music video. You’ll merely need to strike a balance between the cost of exposure you’re ready to spend and the demographics of the audience you want to attract.

If done correctly, sliding into influencers’ DMs can occasionally have a significant impact. Take a chance and get in touch if you see an influencer supporting music in your genre(eg  Afrobeats, Hip Hop, RnB) and you believe they would appreciate your video enough to share it. Due to its straightforward accessibility and capacity for material to become viral faster than most other social networking platforms, Twitter is frequently the best place to promote your music video or song link.


4. Ensure you’re Promoting via ADs on YouTube

When you upload your music video to YouTube, you should next improve the SEO that supports it. It’s a given that every musician’s music video must be accessible on YouTube for die-hard music lovers, therefore you shouldn’t neglect this stage (or this distribution channel). After all, 93% of the most popular YouTube videos are music videos, according to Brandwatch.

When you share your video, be sure to include the song’s name and your name as the artist in the title. Next, include additional keyword phrases in the description and tags. If you’re unsure of what to add, look at other music videos in your genre’s titles and descriptions to get a sense of what is considered standard in the business.

Making ensuring your music video is adequately optimized is essential to position it for optimal discoverability if it is being uploaded on a YouTube channel. This entails ensuring that your video’s Title and Description match, properly classifying and categorizing your video, and using an attractive yet truthful image. By doing this you promote your music video.


5. Collaborate with other Artists

Asking or encouraging other musicians to share your new music video is the next stage in promoting it. This strategy will be more effective if you already have a network of musician friends and are willing to help them out again when they have a launch.

For this marketing strategy, you have two primary possibilities. The first is to simply share the launch with your network of artists to let them know about the new music video and hope that some of them would share it out of support or because they enjoy the work, an indirect method to promote your music video. The second is to inform your artist network of the launch and formally request their assistance in promoting the new product.

Both choices are acceptable, although as you could expect, you’ll probably gain more momentum if you specifically request promotional support. You can even combine the two strategies, asking your closest musical buddies for shares while also distributing the release to the general public. whichever suits you the most as long as it’s a surefire way to promote your music video!


6. Get in DMs

Lastly, to promote your music video, this one is arguably the most difficult for most individuals, but it’s also the most advantageous. You must enter those direct messages! Once your video has been published, emailing it to your fans directly is one of the finest ways to draw in new viewers and ensure that they see it. The DMs step in at this point.

You want to do this properly now. We don’t want you to copy and paste a message saying “please watch my video” and spam it to 1,000 people or just send someone your post without context. That will never work, and the time you waste trying to make it work could be better spent doing something else (that doesn’t irritate people) that is why you need to find a more soothing way to promote your music video.

So, what you should do is have a little chit-chat first for a bit, if you don’t mind. Ask about them in these messages. Make a brief mention of them in your comment by referencing anything you noticed on their Instagram. When they inquire about you, that is the perfect opportunity to mention your most recent video and encourage them to take action. Instead of just saying, “I’d love it if you watched it,” try saying, “I’d be honored if you liked it, if you shared it with a friend,” or go one step further by saying, “I’m holding a contest.”



Like anything else, the more time and thought you put into creating a marketing strategy for your music video, the more exposure and success you are setting it up for. Every approach will be different, but by combining the above-mentioned promotional strategies into your subsequent plan for the release of a music video, you are certain to experience success. You can relax knowing that you’ve taken all steps necessary to promote your music video properly.


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